Grant Guests Access
Visit the Grant Additional Access section of the Personalize menu to manage user access to your account. Guests will receive their own login and password.

Need additional funds?
Visit the Request Money section of the Personalize menu and let us send an email on your behalf to request additional funds to your account.

Schedule Low Balance Warnings
Visit the Low Balance Warning section of the Personalize menu to notify yourself or others when your balance is low.

Automatic Deposits
Save time and schedule your deposits! Visit the Automatic Deposits section of the Personalize menu to configure automatic deposits.

Let us know how we are doing, we like to hear from our customers. Send along your ideas for changes or additions to the TechCASH program to

Want to make a deposit without a convenience fee?
Visit the Card Services office to process a deposit that will be charged to your student account. Our location and hours are posted on the right side of this page.

Misplace your ID?
Use the Lost Card feature of our website to disable your TechCASH and building access privileges. You can also turn these features back on again if you find your card.

Where would you like to use TechCASH?
Let us know if you'd like to use TechCASH at a particular store or restaurant. We are always looking to make TechCASH more useful and convenient for our students.

Athena Printing
To print on the new Pharos managed Athena printing program, you will need to use your MIT ID card. Each MIT student and employee is assigned a print quota of 3,000 pages to be used from July 1st through June 30 each year. Current students (as determined by the Registrar's Office) may exceed their print quota without incurring additional fees. Print quota balances can be viewed here on the TechCASH online account management website.

Shaws Gift Cards
Want to use TechCASH to purchase your groceries? The MITAC office provides Shaw's Gift cards at face value ($50 & $100). Stata Center Building 32 Lobby Tues-Fri 11am-4pm (617) 253-7990

Need Flowers?
TechCASH can now be used at Central Square Florists, located at 653 Massachusetts Avenue. Call 617-354-7553.

Bitcoin Deposit Instructions

Please read if not familiar with purchasing with Bitcoin

If you haven't paid for something online with Bitcoins before, here's some helpful information. First off, please note that Bitcoin deposits will not appear on your TechCASH account immediately. Our staff will post these deposits during business hours, so please allow some time. You will receive an email from the TechCASH office when these funds are available. Once you add the deposit amount to your shopping cart, you will be presented with an "invoice" similar to this: Smiley face

To Complete Transaction
There are three ways to pay with Bitcoin. You will have 15 minutes to complete the transaction.
  • Click the "Pay with Bitcoin" button (if you have your digital wallet stored on that device)
  • Scan the QR code if you have a Bitcoin mobile wallet on your smartphone
  • Click on "View Address" then copy and paste the URL into your Bitcoin wallet

Confirmation - Success!
If your order went through successfully the page will update showing you a message "This invoice has been paid."

You can view a copy of your invoice either in your Bitcoin mobile wallet, Bitcoin web wallet, Bitcoin wallet installed on your PC or you can grab the url after selecting email and view it in the browser.